At Cooper Hurley our FELA clients say great things about us. In many cases they use our services for a second time if they get hurt again in railroad service. The last thing we want to see is you being involved in another accident, but the railroad workplace is dangerous. As your FELA lawyers, we will fight for you to get the best settlement we can under the facts of your railroad work accident and injury, and we’ll take the case to court if necessary. See our client testimonials.

We would highly recommend John Cooper of Cooper Hurley for your legal needs. Railroad Injury Attorney John Cooper flew to Michigan to visit us in the hospital the very next day after my injury and helped with all of our medical needs, easing our worries about how to handle the situation. He was prompt in returning telephone calls and emails and dealing with issues as they arose. John Cooper is very knowledgeable about railroad law. We are happy with the services he provided.


I heard about FELA lawyer John Cooper from my union rep after I was hurt in an on-the-job railroad accident. I’m so glad I was represented by Mr. Cooper. He was straightforward, honest, responsive, and extremely helpful. He did a great job of explaining complex legal terms in “layman’s terms.” Any question I had, he was available and responsive. I would hire Mr. Cooper again if I ever needed a railroad accident injury attorney. I felt like I was David and the railroad company was Goliath. John Cooper was the stone in my sling. He kept me fully informed and updated on a regular basis which was very important for me.


In May 2010, in Richmond, Virginia, I was a passenger in a railroad work taxi that was traveling too fast and hit a large pothole. Due to the speed the driver was going, when we hit the pothole I was tossed out of my seat and twisted my back resulting in serious spinal injuries that led to a surgery. The legal process was new to me, but attorney John Cooper informed me to work on getting better and said he would handle the legal stuff. The office staff was very polite and professional whenever I called the office. John was prepared to take my case to trial, but was able to settle the case right after mediation. I was pleased with my offer and I would recommend the Cooper Hurley Law Firm to anyone injured by the negligence of another. John took a lot of pressure off me and my family and gave me time to heal. It was a Godsend because John was wonderful.


The way I selected John Cooper as my injury lawyer was that my Dad, who use to work for the railroad, knew him. When the lady ran into my work truck not far from our home in Hanover County, Virginia, my mother and father were there at the scene and saw me all banged up and unconscious. I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital and had to use a walker and crutches to get around because of broken bones in my hip and back for several months. One thing that I liked is that the attorney spent enough time with me and my family talking about the injury and making sure that I knew my legal options. There were a lot of different issues that the lawyer knew how to manage having to do with the underinsured motorist coverage, worker’s compensation insurance, and dealing with paying the big medical bills that I had from the hospital. I really felt like John Cooper was looking out for my best interests in the lawsuit.


Thanks so much to John Cooper and his law firm for their steadfastness and confidence in helping me with a wrongful death case. If it had not been for the help of John Cooper, I might have given up because of the difficulties surrounding my sister’s loss of life. I was extremely happy with the outcome and the patience and endurance which John showed in overcoming all of the obstacles. John’s assistants, especially Kelly, were outstanding and often reassured me by saying “Don’t worry, we have everything under control.” I will definitely recommend everyone I know to them for a personal injury case.